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Infinite Salon is Green Circle Salon Certified

Portland, OR, 3/7/2018: Infinite Salon’s commitment to be a best in class salon destination, which Portland salon owners inspire to just raised the bar by becoming Green Circle Salons certified. Being both social and ethically responsible, Infinite Salon joined Green Circle Salons as an official member today. Green Circle Salons is a Canadian organization that is redefining salon environmental sustainability. The program collects, recycles, & re-purposes a salon’s waste. This membership not only takes the waste from daily styling but also diverts many chemicals from inadvertently being re-introduced back into the ecosystem. Infinite Salon is proud to partner with such an environment focused company such as Green Circle Salons. Jessica Irvin, a founder of Infinite Salon is excited to take this step on behalf of her clients. Not only will the Salon lessen its carbon foot print by approximately an average of 90% but it allows for Infinite Salon staff to become better partners with their clients to create a social and environmental change. It is one more step that keeps pushing Infinite Salon to be a salon leader in the Portland, OR area. Book an appointment today!


The Infinite Salon Team

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